Clinical Test (ArtPe 3D Microsome Patch)

Clinical test on human skin : Evaluation of skin wrinkle, elasticity and dermal density of dissolvable microneedle patch.

Clinic center : Dermapro / Skin Research Center Test Period April 17~ June 15 Numbers : 20 women (aver aged 46.8 yrs)

blue_diaAnti-wrinkle improvement



· Fine line wrinkles(Ra) were significantly decreased at 4 and 8weeks compare to before treatment.

· Decrement value represents improvement of skin wrinkle

0 4 Week 8 Week
Digital image
3D image
Dermal image

blue_diaStatistical analysis of skin wrinkle on crow’s foot

#01 #05 #06 #07 #13
0 Week week_img2 week_img3 week_img4 week_img5
4 Week week_img2 week_img3 week_img4 week_img10
8 Week week_img2 week_img3 week_img4 week_img15
Week N Mean(μm) SD SEM ρ-value Decrement(%)
0 Week 20 44.34 16.14 3.61
4 Week 20 40.64 12.77 3.86 0.012 8.34▼
8 Week 20 35.23 11.07 2.48 0.001 20.55▼

blue_diaHuman skin Primary Irritation Test

Results of human skin primary irritation test

(N = 30)


Result : Test products(Type A&B) are classified as non-irritating range for human skin primary irritation. Thus, these products can be considered to be safe.

During clinical test for skin safety evaluation for 8weeks, skin adverse reaction was not observed.

(N = 20)

Invitro Test

Increase in cell proliferation of KEY-265 Patch

NIH-3T3 Cell 에서의 MTT assay 결과, 모든 시료는 농도의존적으로 활성이 증가하였으며, control과 비교시 대부분의 시료는 0.06ng/ml 의 농도에서 대략 50% 전후의 활성증가 효과를 보임.

KEY-265 Patch Disk에서는 EGF에서와 비슷한 정상적인 세포증식능을 보임.(Base + all → Adenosine + EGF + Peptide complex)

Increase in cell proliferation of EGF

Growth Factors as EGF stimulate the skin fibroblast cell proliferation.





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